How Amazing is Basil?! 3


We love basil! We love growing it and we LOVE eating it.

This year, we decided to expand our basil repertoire. Because basil is one wild and crazy plant with so many different flavours and shapes and sizes.

We’re also selling basil seedlings for all the gardeners out there. Tomorrow, at the Dieppe Market, we’re bringing the basil varieties written out on the tags in the picture below. The basil collage in the picture above shows each of these varieties in the same order.

Genovese Basil, Lime Basil, Cinnamon Basil

I’m so excited to pair the different basils with different types of vegetables (and fruit) and various dishes.

Cinnamon basil to on a Thai curry?

Fino Verde basil with a watermelon and tomato salad?

Lime basil with steamed fish?

What pairings do you suggest?

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3 thoughts on “How Amazing is Basil?!

  • Amy

    This is a wonderful article, never really noticed there were so many types of basil.

    Which is the ‘typical’ basil we buy from the stores?