Farm Workshop

Last weekend, we gave a second workshop on lactofermentation in Cocagne, NB. The first one happened a month earlier. Cocagne is awesome. There are 3 cool groups based out of Cocagne that hosted/organized the workshops: the Cocagne Sustainable Development Group, Slow Food Cocagne Acadie, and Transition Cocagne. And, we were amazed by the interest. The first workshop sold out within a few days and had a pretty long waiting list…which is why the second one was quickly organized. Bryan and I have been into lactofermentation for years and it’s become a significant part of the food we preserve to sustain […]

Fermenting Goodness

For the third year in a row (though second on our own farm), we’re participating in the province’s Open Farm Day. It’s happening on Sunday, September 15th, 2013 and we’ll be available to show you around and chat between 1 and 4 pm. We love having people come visit the farm and so we hope you can make it! To find information on all the participating farms, check out the Meet Your Farmer website. Here’s the listing about our farm on the website: Host: Bryan Dyck & Shannon Jones Farm Type: Small-scale Organic Vegetable Address: 3630 Boars Back Road, River […]

Open Farm Day 2013

The month of April holds so much potential.  It feels like it’s overflowing (but in an amazing waterfall kind of way, not like a pot on the stove bubbling over to create that burning smell kind of way). We’ve been starting a lot of vegetable seeds (as usual this time of year) but what’s different and new? These are the things that are “kind of a big deal” for us this month.   1)      Flowers. We are ever-so-slowly expanding our cut-flower plantings each year. Many flowers have a much longer germination period than vegetables and so it’s always a surprise and […]

April showers bring May flowers

bumblebee 1
On Monday, July 16th, we hosted a Biodiversity Workshop and Potluck. We had a great turnout, met some great folks, ate some great food, and learned lots about biodiversity! Reg Newell, from the Department of Natural Resources walked the whole farm property with us, sharing insights on the different habitats and species around us. Reg’s job is an amazing Nova Scotian resource for any farmer, forester, or land owner in general. He spends a lot of time walking the property, taking pictures and jotting down notes. He then goes back to his office and creates a personalized Biodiversity Plan Booklet […]

Biodiversity Workshop Recap

On Monday, July 16th (rain date July 17th), between 10 am and 3 pm, we’ll be hosting a Biodiversity Workshop and potluck at the farm! Biodiversity is something that is super important to us and we want to make sure we can maintain and enhance it on our farm. But we need to know other beings live on the farm along with us, why they like living there, and how we can make sure we don’t ruin that. Also, what can we do to attract other species that might like to live on the farm as well. So, we’re hosting […]

The Birds and the Bees: The Benefits of ...

This past Sunday, we had the pleasure of hosting the 1st in a series of Grow a Farmer days organized by ACORN (Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network) and the SOIL apprenticeship program. The workshop we held here was called How We Got Started which was mostly about how we moved from apprenticing or working on other farms to starting our own farm business. Hopefully, to inspire more young people to see farming as a viable (and not crazy) career choice. We had a really great turnout and met really cool people and had a great time. We’re excited for the […]

Grow a Farmer