Seasonal Snapshot

We’re starting a new series on our blog. It’s called the Seasonal Snapshot. It will be a picture (or maybe a collage like this one) that represents what’s going on right now at the farm. There is unlikely to be many words associated with it (except perhaps a clarifying paragraph). My hope is that it will give a nice visual update (and history when looked at by clicking on the Seasonal Snapshot category of the side bar). So, this is the first one! You can see that we still have a whole lot of snow outside but plants are growing […]

Seasonal Snapshot: April 2015

Today we did the bulk of our garlic harvest. We still have one bed in the ground, the “trials.” Three years ago, Shannon helped Bob Wildfong from Seeds of Diversity plant 120 different varieties of garlic at Everdale Farm, many of them given to him by Al Picketts from Eureka Garlic in PEI. Bob gave Shannon any extras from each variety. Well, there were extras from over 90 varieties! That fall, Bryan came out to plant it all at Windhorse Farm where we leased land that first year we started Broadfork Farm. Each year since then, we’ve selected out many […]

Garlicky Goodness!

The month of April holds so much potential.  It feels like it’s overflowing (but in an amazing waterfall kind of way, not like a pot on the stove bubbling over to create that burning smell kind of way). We’ve been starting a lot of vegetable seeds (as usual this time of year) but what’s different and new? These are the things that are “kind of a big deal” for us this month.   1)      Flowers. We are ever-so-slowly expanding our cut-flower plantings each year. Many flowers have a much longer germination period than vegetables and so it’s always a surprise and […]

April showers bring May flowers

This is the “Holiday” photo we took. I know it looks crazy professional (ha!) but, in reality, our little camera was just sitting on a bucket with the timer setting on. It was a very windy day and when I went inside to upload it to the computer, it was not a straight photo. It looked like we sitting on a barn that had one side sinking down into the ground. However, luckily computers are magical and it all got straightened out. This was our very first ever “family holiday photo”! We were hoping all the chickens would be with […]

Our farm looks awesome in the winter!

This is the time of year when we are just starting to harvest vegetables we’ve grown to store and sell during the winter months. It’s a nice time of year. We’ve also been spending time preserving (mostly by freezing or lacto-fermenting….lots of kimchi!), planting greens to harvest in the winter, hanging herbs to dry, saving seeds, wondering when we’ll get our first frost….. In a few weeks, Xander will be leaving the farm to head out to Australia! He has been so integral to the farm since we moved here last November. I don’t know what we would have done […]

Storage Season

rainbow beets
  October usually brings our first killing frost. The temperature goes a few degrees below zero and kills any sensitive crops that were left uncovered. Crops under protection can wilt a bit, but don’t always die. Frost brings mixed feelings. While we’re sad to let go of some crops, overall, we’re grateful to have a few less crops to harvest while we focus on bringing in the fall crops. Besides harvesting, we have a lot of work to do cleaning up the fields and readying them to go into winter. Once we have snow cover, anything left undone awaits spring thaw. […]

10 – October Recipes