Field Trip

For the third year in a row (though second on our own farm), we’re participating in the province’s Open Farm Day. It’s happening on Sunday, September 15th, 2013 and we’ll be available to show you around and chat between 1 and 4 pm. We love having people come visit the farm and so we hope you can make it! To find information on all the participating farms, check out the Meet Your Farmer website. Here’s the listing about our farm on the website: Host: Bryan Dyck & Shannon Jones Farm Type: Small-scale Organic Vegetable Address: 3630 Boars Back Road, River […]

Open Farm Day 2013

Last Monday, Lucia from ACORN organized a farm tour of two wonderful and inspiring (and very different) farms. Grow a Farmer apprentices from our farm, Windy Hill Farm, and Taproot Farms took part in the tour as well as other aspiring and new farmers. Bryan and I take our professional development as farmers very seriously and try to prioritize visits to other farms as well as attending farming conferences and workshops. Since this was a long day away from the farm only one of us could go. I (Shannon) went on this farm tour and Bryan will go on the […]

Grow a Farmer Nova Scotia Farm Tour

For last week’s Educational Day with our Grow a Farmer apprentice Jim, we went on a field trip to visit Lyne and Hendie at Ruhe Farm, a certified organic farm in Shemogue, NB. We see Lyne and Hendie every week at the Dieppe Market where (since this spring), they’ve been sharing our market stand with us, but we don’t get a chance to go see their farm very often. Lyne is the “head farmer” at Ruhe Farm and Hendie is her self-proclaimed “apprentice.” They are both from South Africa and used to run a fig orchard there (how dreamy is […]

Field trip: Ruhe Farm

hops 1
A week ago, we took a day trip to visit Charles and Jessy at Wysmykal Farm in Chapman’s Settlement, NS. We had planned to help them put on their greenhouse plastic, but it was a bit too windy. Instead, they gave us a very generous tour of their farm. Despite no greenhouse plastic, the tomatoes are definitely not hurtin’. They were beautiful, healthy plants with small, green tomatoes already starting to grow on many of them. We were very inspired by their newly-planted rows of table grapes. Our awesome friend Steph gifted us with a grape plant and we are […]

Field Trip: Wysmykal Farm (and surrounding farms)

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Two weeks ago, we took a trip out to Honey Wind Farm (near Oxford, NS) to pick up a beehive from beekeeper Jerry Draheim. I first met Jerry about 4 years ago when we both attended a Natural Beekeeping workshop with Ross Conrad held at Windhorse Farm (which is held each year). When we had run out of our own honey during the winter, we had purchased some from Jerry to keep us going. His honey is delicious! I think it’s because he has created a bee heaven, with his apple orchard, annual plantings of sunflowers and phacelia, and tons […]

Sweet Bees: Visit and Pick-up at Honey Wind ...

On Saturday evening, we visited Cochrane Family Farm in Middle Stewiacke, NS. First we spent the day at the Truro Machinery Auction, then headed over to the Cochrane’s farm where they kindly and generously fed us dinner and gave us a great farm tour! Their farm is very diversified! They have a diversity of livestock: pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, lambs, goats, new bee hives, and lots and lots of cats! I’ve always dreamed of having a baby animal farm and theirs is the closest thing I’ve seen to one. We saw baby chicks of various ages, baby lambs, baby goats, […]

Field Trip to Cochrane Family Farm