At the Market 3

We recently attended the Middleton Farmers’ Market, last Friday, where they were also hosting a Seedy Friday event. We took along some of our seedlings, and gave a talk on growing great garlic!

This coming Saturday (May 7) will be Broadfork Farm’s official first market day at the Hubbards Farmers’ Market.

3 thoughts on “At the Market

  • Bren

    Oh it was so great to find you at the market today…am looking forward to growing on my San Marzano and what an interesting leaf on Mama Leone! Think there might be a tomatoloosa happening in the valley this fall, have you heard?

  • Rebeca Torres-Rose (Denison Farm)

    Wow! I love your beautiful info sheets posted in front of the seedlings. If we sold seedlings I would definitely be following your lead. I love reading your site. So inspiring! Wish I had met you guys sooner and gotten to know you better.

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