April showers bring May flowers 1

The month of April holds so much potential.  It feels like it’s overflowing (but in an amazing waterfall kind of way, not like a pot on the stove bubbling over to create that burning smell kind of way).

We’ve been starting a lot of vegetable seeds (as usual this time of year) but what’s different and new? These are the things that are “kind of a big deal” for us this month.

Kiss me over the garden gate tag Kiss me over the garden gate seedling

1)      Flowers. We are ever-so-slowly expanding our cut-flower plantings each year. Many flowers have a much longer germination period than vegetables and so it’s always a surprise and pleasure when something new actually starts popping up out of the soil. Let me tell you about  Kiss Me over the Garden Gate (is it a flower or a request?). First, I scarified the seeds and stored them in our walk-in cooler for a few weeks, and then I planted the seeds in their tray and stored the whole tray in the walk-in cooler for a few more weeks. Then I moved them to our greenhouse. And they just started to germinate today! And I’m amazed! I also just got a great new book called The Flower Recipe Book that I’m sure will inspire my bouquet-making this year.

Bryan smoothing sand Greenhouse bench

2)      Our greenhouse! Our 24’x100’ tunnel is finally put together (for the most part) and useable. Bryan made a nice heated bench which we cover at night with row cover and an extra layer of plastic. This works well for us whereas heating the whole greenhouse wouldn’t since we use only a single layer of plastic over the whole greenhouse structure (not much insulating value).

Beet greens Artichoke

3)      Growing farmers. We have an apprentice for the season! His name is Jeffrey and he comes to us through ACORN’s new Grow a Farmer apprenticeship program. We are very excited to be working with him this season. We are also happy to have Jody and Steve volunteering with us. Last year, they volunteered at Wysmykal Farm and this year they’ll be volunteering one day at Wysmykal Farm and one day here at Broadfork Farm. Lucky them…I wish I could volunteer one day a week at Wysmykal Farm too! All 3 of them will be starting next week.

4)      Market Food Club. This is brand new this year and the families who have joined the Food Club seem really amazing! We are looking forward to getting to know them and sharing our farm’s harvest with them! It’s kind of a hybrid version between a CSA and shopping at the farmers’ market and we’re really excited about it. There are still a few spots left and the last day to sign up is April 15th so if you or someone you know may be interested, send us an email (broadforkfarm@gmail.com).

5)      Monday, April 22nd is Earth Day and we’re putting biodynamic preps on our farm this year for the first time! And everyone’s invited! We’re very excited. Bryan used to work at a biodynamic farm called Whole Circle which is where the preps have been made. If you’re curious, read more about biodynamic farming here . Here’s the poster for our free Earth Day workshop (just bring a potluck dish…farm potlucks are the best!): Biodynamic Preparations

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