garden hoe
When I wake up in the morning, the very first thought in my mind is whether I’ll be planting, weeding or harvesting today (or all three!).Though if it’s a market day, I’ll be up at 3:30 am and am unlikely to have formulated any thoughts yet. And after that – I wonder what kind of breakfast I’ll find on the farm at that time of year…farm-fresh eggs, wild blackberries, August apples, or a sweet and creamy winter squash. My heart glows when I pull a perfect, long, straight carrot out of the ground. My heart breaks when an entire bed […]

A Farmer’s Manifesto

This is the time of year when we are just starting to harvest vegetables we’ve grown to store and sell during the winter months. It’s a nice time of year. We’ve also been spending time preserving (mostly by freezing or lacto-fermenting….lots of kimchi!), planting greens to harvest in the winter, hanging herbs to dry, saving seeds, wondering when we’ll get our first frost….. In a few weeks, Xander will be leaving the farm to head out to Australia! He has been so integral to the farm since we moved here last November. I don’t know what we would have done […]

Storage Season

If you’re ever wondering what we’re up to on a Friday morning, I can tell you that we’re harvesting for the Saturday market. Harvest mornings mean that we go around the farm and hand-pick every vegetable that is at its perfect stage. We can tell that each vegetable is at its perfect stage from tasting it, feeling it, and by the colour and (sometimes) the smell. For lunch after a harvest morning, we prepare vegetables that we’ve just picked so that we know how spicy the arugula is that week, how sweet the Hakurei salad turnips are, and how tender […]

Harvest morning

Mustard Greens
In addition to being our major selling day, Saturday at the Dieppe Market is our primary shopping day. That’s when we pick up foods that we don’t grow (or make) ourselves from other talented and passionate vendors. The picture above has Peppercorn bacon from Bacon Beacon, served atop pastured fried eggs from Murray Bunnett Family Farm (bought via the Lewis Mountain market stand), our own dill, butter lettuce, and pea shoots, and toasted Country-Rye bread from Oliver’s German Bakery. In the next picture, we’re eating Red Earth Kitchen’s Carrot Lavender Bisque which we topped with our own wilted baby kale […]

06 – June Recipes

At Broadfork we use organic farming methods to grow high-quality vegetables. Our entire crop is hand-tended to achieve the highest standards of flavor and quality to preserve the environment. We believe the health of communities is rooted (pun intended) in healthy people eating healthy food grown in healthy soil. We want to inspire our community to enjoy and share with us the abundance and wonder of organically grown, seasonal produce.

We Love Fresh Vegetables