Be honest: did you choose to read this blog post because of it’s amazing (?!) title? It’s not really like my usually blog post titles because I usually think them up myself (however random or cheesy they may be). This blog post title however was generated by a tool called the Blog Topic Generator, which I learned about via facebook. When I read the titles it generated for me, I didn’t really think they were going to work for our farm blog but whatever…I used one. So, I don’t actually know what every farmer needs to know about storage. […]

What Every Farmer Needs to Know About Storage!

So, now is the time to start hoarding (storing) food for the winter. Many people aren’t exactly sure how to do this (since it is a skill that grocery stores have not required us to continue). But we think it’ still an important skill to practice, so for those of you who are willing and interested, here are some tips for storing produce in a typical home. Identify the areas of your house that do not freeze and may be suitable for storing vegetables. The following can be helpful: Description of Area Temperature What to Store there Refrigerator 4C (40F) […]

Storing your Veggies for Winter