overwintered kale
We’ll be back at the Dieppe Market this coming Saturday, April 9th. We’ve got lots of greens in our unheated tunnel with more ready to be planted in their spot. We’ve got some greens you may never have tried before like Mache (aka Corn Salad) and Miner’s Lettuce (aka Claytonia). We’ve also got the sweetest spinach you’ll ever eat, gorgeous kales, and bok choi. Can’t wait to see you at the Market! your farmers, Shannon and Bryan  

Back at Market April 9th!

pheasant 6
We planted our high tunnel full of greens for early-spring markets. We’ve been enjoying some in our winter salads and are excited for the full harvests when we’ll have enough to share with our wonderful customers! We’ve been seeing lots of pheasants (as well as other birds) around the farm lately.¬†These guys are enjoying the fallen apples that were leftover before it snowed.

Seasonal Snapshot: January 2016

Yay! Hakurei turnips are making an appearance at the market this week…..though with the weather, I’m not sure when the next planting of hakureis will be ready. These ones came from the hoophouse¬†but we’ll be planting tomatoes in there so we needed to harvest it all. I’m really happy with this salad mix using Salanova lettuces. This year, we’re only planting Salanovas early and late in the season. I find that they grow too slowly in the warmer part of the season but they have great cold tolerance. And they are really beautiful and delicious and more substantial than our […]

What did we harvest today?

Well, we’re off to the Dieppe Market tomorrow for our first week back at market for the season. Despite the snow (!) yesterday and the chilly wind today, we had a pleasant time harvesting inside the high tunnel. We’ve got French Breakfast type of radishes (the variety is new to us this year…it’s called Patricia and we bought it from William Dam Seeds), round red radishes (Rover), and a sparkler type (white-tipped) called Fakir (also new to us this year…from Johnnys). We’re bringing some of our favourite Asian greens: Tokyo Bekana, Yokatta-na, Red Mustard, Red Rain Mizuna, Kyota Mizuna, Vitamin […]

Spring Veggies

Last Saturday was our first week back at the Dieppe Market of the season. We had some cabbage, rutabaga, and pumpkins but we really had a lot of spinach! We wanted to let our customers know how we had this spinach to sell so early in the year. This is the story: We planted the spinach seeds in trays back in late September of 2012. We couldn’t sow them in their final destination in the caterpillar tunnels because we still had tomatoes pumping out delicious fruit at that time. Note: in this picture, I’m actually sowing peas but I don’t […]

The Story of the Winter Spinach

This is the “Holiday” photo we took. I know it looks crazy professional (ha!) but, in reality, our little camera was just sitting on a bucket with the timer setting on. It was a very windy day and when I went inside to upload it to the computer, it was not a straight photo. It looked like we sitting on a barn that had one side sinking down into the ground. However, luckily computers are magical and it all got straightened out. This was our very first ever “family holiday photo”! We were hoping all the chickens would be with […]

Our farm looks awesome in the winter!