Organic Seeds
It’s that time of year! When many of our customers are starting up their personal gardens. We’ve grown seedlings for sale ever since we started Broadfork Farm. Last year (in 2016), we also started selling seeds for our customers to plant at home. Not all seeds or plants can be set out when there’s still a chance of frost…. crops like tomatoes, basil, peppers, eggplant, beans, zucchini, etc. But there are quite a few that thrive in the cooler weather.   First things first, healthy crops grow in healthy soil. The phrase that organic farmers and gardeners repeat is “feed […]

How to Start Seeds in your Garden

Well, despite the less-than-ideal weather this spring: wet fields even with our well-draining soils, cool nights and frost (some of our early/risky planting of summer squash was hit but that’s just part of the game…we were lucky last year), things are still growing. In the picture above, you can see the cover crop “cocktail” from last fall (that just means a mix of crops rather than just one or 2) which included rye and is now only rye and looks good. This year, we’re trying out some of the clear Bio360 (biodegradeable plastic mulch). It breaks down faster than the […]

The View from the Farm

This week’s radish bunches! Look at how crazy beautiful they are! The little extra oomph I think comes from the Yellow Carrot-Shaped Radishes. This is our first harvest of them ever! We got the seed from Terra Edibles in Foxboro, ON. Apparently, they are extremely rare and a very old variety (from the 1700s). Close-up view. Bryan said he thinks they’re almost too bright to look at! The mountain of mixed radishes! This is a mixture of Rebel red radishes, Easter Egg (purple, pink, red, and white) radishes, Shunkyo semi-long radishes (also carrot shaped but hot pink!) and the aforementioned […]

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