Organic Seeds
It’s that time of year! When many of our customers are starting up their personal gardens. We’ve grown seedlings for sale ever since we started Broadfork Farm. Last year (in 2016), we also started selling seeds for our customers to plant at home. Not all seeds or plants can be set out when there’s still a chance of frost…. crops like tomatoes, basil, peppers, eggplant, beans, zucchini, etc. But there are quite a few that thrive in the cooler weather.   First things first, healthy crops grow in healthy soil. The phrase that organic farmers and gardeners repeat is “feed […]

How to Start Seeds in your Garden

Lettuce Mix 2
I know I sound like a geek….but it thrills me that our current salad mix contains a lettuce whose seed we saved on our farm. It’s one of 6 varieties of lettuce in the mix at the moment (we change up the lettuce varieties pretty often during the season). It’s called Italian Red Parella and it’s super cute and beautiful. It’s a sun-kissed, freckly beauty with a nice round shape. We grew it for Annapolis Seeds 2 years ago and kept quite a bit of seed for ourselves so we could see how it fits in best with our crop […]

Lovin’ this Lettuce!

Well, despite the less-than-ideal weather this spring: wet fields even with our well-draining soils, cool nights and frost (some of our early/risky planting of summer squash was hit but that’s just part of the game…we were lucky last year), things are still growing. In the picture above, you can see the cover crop “cocktail” from last fall (that just means a mix of crops rather than just one or 2) which included rye and is now only rye and looks good. This year, we’re trying out some of the clear Bio360 (biodegradeable plastic mulch). It breaks down faster than the […]

The View from the Farm

Today, we did our first planting of the season out into the field! Yahoo! But, the fields are still too wet to get our tractor on without damaging the soil. Luckily, we still had black plastic down over the beds that held last year’s tomatoes and peppers (under the caterpillar tunnels). We had taken the tunnels down but left the black plastic. That allowed the soil underneath to remain a bit drier and warm up faster. And, when we pulled the plastic off, we had some nice weed-free beds with tons of earthworm activity! We also happened to have some […]

First Field Planting of the Season!

This year, we’re saving seeds not only for our own farm, but to sell to a local seed company (Annapolis Seeds). Why are we into seed-saving? Well, we love the idea of a seed being at home here on the farm with us. Just as we are a product of our environment, plants are too. And they are very adaptable. So, of course, we want seeds that have adapted to our sweet little farm. Who get our climate. And our soil type. And our soil life. We also want seeds that have adapted to living with us. Shannon and Bryan. […]

Saving those Seeds