frost on a leaf 1
    This past weekend we got frost. Sigh. This is pretty early, though there was one other year since we started Broadfork Farm that we had frost around the same time. When there are warnings of ‘chance of frost,” we tend to get them. And when we’re checking the 7 day forecast at this time of year and see that a night might get down below 8C with clear skies, we get mentally prepared for the worst. We live in a part of the region that’s fairly susceptible to getting colder than areas around us. Coupled with the late […]

Early Frost! This is How we Protect Crops

This has been a very dry year. At our farm as well as so many others. In the distance, we can often see clouds raining above the Chignecto Bay. But they just pass us by. When it has rained, it hasn’t been enough to get moisture down beyond the surface of the soil.  It doesn’t help that we have a very sandy, excessively-draining soil. We also have yet to purchase a proper irrigation system. So, we’ve been running our garden sprinklers, our few soaker hoses, and, the very time-consuming, hand-watering. We primarily water the just-transplanted seedlings and then expect our […]

Clear Skies