Hakurei turnips

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Can you guess which vegetable I’m talking about? It’s these gorgeous little round root veggies that look a lot like white radishes (though the different leaves are a telltale sign that they aren’t radishes). They are a Japanese salad turnip called Hakurei turnips (navets blancs in french). Many people have never seen them before. You won’t find them at the grocery store (at least not yet). They are mild and smooth textured and slightly sweet. No need to peel them. They are fabulous raw, eaten whole as a snack or sliced in salads. They are also incredible cooked, either pan-fried, […]

This is One of our Most Popular Veggies!

Yay! Hakurei turnips are making an appearance at the market this week…..though with the weather, I’m not sure when the next planting of hakureis will be ready. These ones came from the hoophouse but we’ll be planting tomatoes in there so we needed to harvest it all. I’m really happy with this salad mix using Salanova lettuces. This year, we’re only planting Salanovas early and late in the season. I find that they grow too slowly in the warmer part of the season but they have great cold tolerance. And they are really beautiful and delicious and more substantial than our […]

What did we harvest today?