germination chamber

DIY Germination Chamber 11
On our farm, projects start with internet research and often use odd pieces of “junk” we’ve got hanging around. One winter’s projects was a germination chamber. Some of our seeds require light to germinate but most vegetable seeds don’t. They do need consistent moisture though. Many growers use a germination (or sweat) chamber to reduce: space that seedling trays take up before the baby plants emerge (when they all need light) frequency of watering (which also relates to algae growth) Since we moved to this farm, we’ve started our transplants many different ways. In the 1st few years, we made […]

DIY Germination Chamber

While it doesn’t look like spring yet outside, we’re getting ready for it anyway! We almost forgot to bring some potting mix indoors last fall, but thankfully the light bulb went on. Otherwise, we would have had to work with frozen potting mix! The heated bench is filling up fast. We’re planning on creating a “real” germination chamber this year for seedling trays that don’t need light to germinate (usually we makeshift a germ. chamber that becomes something else later in the season). Very soon, a bunch of these trays will need to move off the heated bench to make […]

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