Last week, I (Shannon) spent 4 days either on farms in Quebec or sitting in a van with other farmers on the way to and from Quebec. It was awesome! I went because I love growing as a farmer and one of the best ways to do that is to go and visit other farms (though THE BEST way, I think, is to work while on other farms…but our schedule was too tight for that). One of the other benefits was to spend time with other farmers from our area. There were 18 of us who went on the “mission.” […]

Mission to Quebec: Grower’s Tour

Canada Organic 1
Bryan and I started our farm business in 2011 on leased land. We had no idea how long we might be farming there so we didn’t want to start the organic certification process. Plus we were kind of on the fence about certifying. We had both only ever apprenticed or worked on farms that followed organic (or biodynamic) growing practices. Some had been certified organic, certified biodynamic, Certified Naturally Grown (CNG), some had been certified and stopped, and some had never been certified at all. However, everyone we had worked for had believed in the principles of organic farming. In […]

Organic Certification