Canadian Organic Standards

Seeds from Milkweed
  The Canadian Organic Standards Revision Process has begun! This is required to happen every 5 years to keep the Standards relevant, legal, and to maintain equivalency agreements with other countries. The Committee that is responsible for the revision of the Canadian Organic Standards is called the Technical Committee (or TC for short). Under the TC, there are working groups for specific categories (Crops, Livestock, Processing, and Maple) and Task Groups (on Greenhouses, Sprouts, Poultry, Pigs, Honey) that recommend wording on Standards to the TC. These working and task groups are made up of people with a specific interest or […]

It’s Underway – Change to the Canadian Organic ...

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Bryan and I started our farm business in 2011 on leased land. We had no idea how long we might be farming there so we didn’t want to start the organic certification process. Plus we were kind of on the fence about certifying. We had both only ever apprenticed or worked on farms that followed organic (or biodynamic) growing practices. Some had been certified organic, certified biodynamic, Certified Naturally Grown (CNG), some had been certified and stopped, and some had never been certified at all. However, everyone we had worked for had believed in the principles of organic farming. In […]

Organic Certification