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Green Manure
Thanks to our great friend Katie for taking all these photos of our field day! This past Sunday (October 14th), we held a Field Day at our farm. While it was a bit late in the season to show the peak of abundance, the timing was strategic. It would be less likely that mosquitoes or black flies would overwhelm folks. It’s crazy beautiful here when the leaves are changing colour in the fall. We wanted to host a demo of our Self-Loading compost spreader and we needed it to be a time when it was mostly completed and definitely useable […]

Behind the Scenes: a Recap of our Field ...

bumblebee on thistle
  If you are a customer at one of the farmers’ markets we attend, you may have noticed this sign at our stall. We are a Certified Bee Friendly Farm. In fact, we were the first Atlantic Canadian farm to certify as bee friendly. So, what does that mean? Well, it means that, in addition to providing humans with food, we make sure that our farm provides bees (and other pollinators) with a safe food source (we never spray our crops with pesticides), as well as safe habitats and water sources. The bees that we are doing this for include […]

Bee Friendly

Canada Organic 1
Bryan and I started our farm business in 2011 on leased land. We had no idea how long we might be farming there so we didn’t want to start the organic certification process. Plus we were kind of on the fence about certifying. We had both only ever apprenticed or worked on farms that followed organic (or biodynamic) growing practices. Some had been certified organic, certified biodynamic, Certified Naturally Grown (CNG), some had been certified and stopped, and some had never been certified at all. However, everyone we had worked for had believed in the principles of organic farming. In […]

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