Grower’s Resources

One of the best ways for farmers and gardeners to learn is from each other. We know that some of our blog posts are most interesting to fellow farmers. We love sharing and connecting with them and that’s why we keep writing these posts.

Some posts tell how we did something, like our DIY Germination Chamber, Caterpillar Tunnels, and Seed Cleaner posts that have continued to be popular, no matter when we wrote them. Other farmers or gardeners like to read about the tools we use or are trying out, like our posts on Our 5 Favourite Market Gardening Tools, and the Quick Cut Greens Harvester. We also wrote a post about how we decided to become certified organic.

For farmers or gardeners about to put up their first greenhouse, there’s a timelapse video of us putting ours up.

Issues with farm inputs like, Unapproved Biodegradable Plastic Mulches and No More Biofilms in Organics….What to use Instead are posts we’ve primarily written for a vegetable farming audience.

Some posts are written for our customers but have become popular with other farmers as a way to share information with their own customers, like Storing your Veggies for Winter and What is Safe Food? Our seasonal recipes pages have also become useful tools for other farmers and home gardeners to find or share our curated lists.

We also write about bigger picture food and farm system issues like, The Obstacles New Farmers in Canada Face, The Future of Organic Farming, and Who are Atlantic Canada’s New Farmers?

We’ll continue writing these kinds of blog posts because we value the farming community so much. We learned how to farm from other growers and we’re constantly trying new things and seeking out ideas that have worked on other farms. And we’re happy to share whatever we learn in return.