The Dieppe Market

You can find us and our hand-tended and organic vegetables and cut flowers at the Dieppe Market on Saturdays between 7 am & 1:30 pm from April until November.

Check out the Dieppe Market website.

Haven’t been there before? Here’s a map to help you get there:

We love attending this market as vendors and we also love going as shoppers. The Dieppe Market is also where we pick up raw chocolate-y treats, seafood, cheese and other dairy products, and any fruits and vegetables we don’t grow ourselves. The Dieppe Market is our main social event of each week and we feel like its filled with great friends!

Our customers, fellow vendors, and market staff have really supported and inspired us over the years. We’re very proud to attend the market. We hope to continue attending this market for the rest of our lives.

Dieppe Market