Quick Cut Greens Harvester 7
We really love growing salad greens so, while envisioning how to be more efficient at it, we looked into the Quick Cut Greens Harvester from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. We spoke with some farmers who had tried it and read any reviews we could find. Chris Siladi, our awesome rep from Johnny’s arranged to have one at the New England Fruit and Vegetable Conference. I wanted to hold it and “go through the motions” of harvesting imaginary salad mix in the trade show. The tipping point in the decision to buy it came from Randy Cummings from Johnny’s who said that […]

Quick Cut Greens Harvester

tomatoes and peppers under biotelo 5
Many vegetable producers rely on black plastic mulch or a biodegradable non-gmo corn-based alternative, like BioTelo, for weed suppression, warming soils, and getting an earlier start for some crops, ultimately resulting in earlier harvests. Using BioTelo eliminates the end-of-season removal and disposal hassles that come with the plastic since it biodegrades within the season. We use BioTelo for tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, summer squash, cucumbers, and some winter squash. But unlike other growers, at this point we do not own the means of laying the mulch very efficiently. Tractor-pulled mulch-layers do this work quickly and well, with the added benefit of […]


Farm logo 1
  Bryan cut a few thin birch trees from our woodlot this past winter and just made handles for the broadfork we had made last year by a young blacksmith in Peggy’s Cove. We’d been borrowing a broadfork to use last season because we didn’t have the time to make the handles. We named our farm Broadfork Farm (at our friend Tom’s suggestion) because we appreciate what the broadfork does. It’s an old tool that aerates and breaks up compaction in the soil without destroying the many valuable beings that live in the soil. Our goal is the same. We […]

Our namesake

Tractor and clothesline 2
A new arrival to our farm last week was an orange work-horse by the name of Kubota L4150! Having a tractor this season will help with all the work that starting our farm on a new, uncultivated piece of land will entail. After going through last season, hiring someone to do custom tractor work and doing a lot of bed prep by hand, we’re very happy to have the extra help. We’re hoping to reduce our reliance on the tractor (and gas!) each year as we plant more land to perennials and (hopefully) start working with draft oxen. But we […]

The newest farm addition!

We’ve just started planting seedlings from the greenhouse out into the fields. So far, we’ve set out peas (sugar snap and snow), lettuce (full size and mini heads), broccoli raab, and bok choys. To prepare our garden beds, we’re using a broadfork to loosen up the soil, then garden rakes to smooth out the surface of the soil. After sticking the plants in the ground, we water them in with diluted fish hydrolysate to reduce their shock from moving from a protected little tray out into the big, scary world.  The next step has been to cover them with row […]


At this time of year, we have a lot of seeding to do in the greenhouse. Every week, we’ll be adding more and more trays with germinating seeds to the greenhouse benches. This is how we do it: We mix our potting mix in an old bathtub and shovel it into our trays. We cut up old window blinds to make our tray markers (if anyone has any old blinds, we can always use more!). Once the trays have been seeded, we water them and stick them on the bench. Often, depending on the type of seed, we’ll stack the […]