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Well, this coming Saturday will be our last week selling at the Dieppe Market this year. We’ll be inside at the market, near the entrance where the blueberries were.

Then we’ll spend the winter planning, seed-ordering and bookkeeping.

And we’ll be back in the spring – usually sometime in April, but the exact week always depends on the weather.

Stock Up for the Winter

A lot of our customers are interested in buying extras to store over the winter (or at least for a few weeks).

Though many aren’t sure how to keep things so they’ll store as long as possible….or even how long they might be able to store different items.

We wrote a post about Storing Your Veggies for Winter.


Honey from the farm

In addition to the jars of honey we’ve been bringing to the market, we also have a few larger pails of the honey from our farm for sale, if you want to stock up on that for the winter.

foraging honeybee

One of the honeybees who worked hard this year to produce honey. Look at that pollen she’s carrying!


What we’ll be eating this winter

Each year, the things we store for ourselves changes. The weather has a big influence over that. This winter, I’m expecting (and excited!) to be eating a lot of winter radishes – like Daikon, Chinese Green Luobo, and Black Spanish.

I’m excited to eat these in particular due to the health promoting properties of the radishes (anti-cancer propertiesimmune boosting and cleansing) and also the versatility (we’ll make Fermented Daikon Pickles and Soup.). Also check out this post about the Taste and Health Benefits of Daikon Radish.

Just this year, a customer told us about the traditional medicinal practices using Black Radish. Check out this remedy for colds and coughs. We’re excited to try it out!

Squashes, including Spaghetti squash. We love eating Spaghetti as a forum to put sauce and Parmesan cheese. Spaghetti squash is the perfect solution. If you haven’t made it before, here’s How to Cook Spaghetti Squash.

In addition to storing produce in our fridge or basement, we also freeze things like parsley, tomatoes, pepper, and melons.

And we dry herbs for cooking and for herbal teas, like: Holy Basil, Stevia, Sage, Oregano, Hops, Lemongrass.

Thank You!

Thanks to all of our wonderfully amazing customers who have supported us, and chatted with us, and brought their smiling faces out to see us this season!

We most definitely couldn’t do this without you. We are strongly committed to supporting your personal and family’s health as well as supporting the health of the ecosystem we live in.

You can learn more about our farming practices here.

And thanks to all of our fellow vendors at the Dieppe Market and the staff at the Dieppe Market – it’s always our pleasure to see you each week and your kindness and support of our small farm has made such a difference to us – we’ll see you over the winter (as shoppers!) and then again come spring.


Autumn wedding flowers

This picture is of a late October bridal bouquet Shannon made from flowers on the farm. She wrote, on facebook:

“I was nervous to say yes to a late fall bride’s bouquet….we’ve had frosts since early September. The palette was Fall Colours….and many of our typically autumn-coloured flowers are frost sensitive. But I was excited for the creative challenge and it was a great way to finish our flower season this year. I ended up loving this bouquet so much!”

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