Parsley plants
We’ve got 2 events coming up where we’ll be selling our organic seedlings and seeds for gardeners. The first one is this Tuesday evening in Shediac, at the Shediac Community Garden’s annual spring meeting. We’ll be doing a little talk about our farm and farm practices. For more info, find the facebook event page here. The second is our 3rd annual Organic Plant Sale at La Bikery in Moncton. It’s happening on Sunday, June 3rd from 10 am to 2pm. This year, there’s the addition of a big bike sale happening too! For more info, the facebook event page is […]

Our upcoming Seedling Sales

basil 3
We love basil! We love growing it and we LOVE eating it. This year, we decided to expand our basil repertoire. Because basil is one wild and crazy plant with so many different flavours and shapes and sizes. We’re also selling basil seedlings for all the gardeners out there. Tomorrow, at the Dieppe Market, we’re bringing the basil varieties written out on the tags in the picture below. The basil collage in the picture above shows each of these varieties in the same order. I’m so excited to pair the different basils with different types of vegetables (and fruit) and […]

How Amazing is Basil?!

In 2014, we were extremely grateful to be rewarded with a $500 grant from Rodale’s “Your Two Cents” Organic Seed Fund to help us purchase organic seed (our seed costs fall somewhere around $1500 to $2000/year). As certified organic farmers, we must purchase organic seed to grow our organic crops. However, there is an exception. If we cannot find a variety that we want offered as organic seed on the seed marketplace, we can purchase non-organic seed as long as it hasn’t been treated with anything that is not allowed under the Canadian Organic Standards. This exception was created to […]

My Two Cents on Organic Seed

While it doesn’t look like spring yet outside, we’re getting ready for it anyway! We almost forgot to bring some potting mix indoors last fall, but thankfully the light bulb went on. Otherwise, we would have had to work with frozen potting mix! The heated bench is filling up fast. We’re planning on creating a “real” germination chamber this year for seedling trays that don’t need light to germinate (usually we makeshift a germ. chamber that becomes something else later in the season). Very soon, a bunch of these trays will need to move off the heated bench to make […]

What’s Happening on the Farm?

We recently attended the Middleton Farmers’ Market, last Friday, where they were also hosting a Seedy Friday event. We took along some of our seedlings, and gave a talk on growing great garlic! This coming Saturday (May 7) will be Broadfork Farm’s official first market day at the Hubbards Farmers’ Market.

At the Market

We’ve just started planting seedlings from the greenhouse out into the fields. So far, we’ve set out peas (sugar snap and snow), lettuce (full size and mini heads), broccoli raab, and bok choys. To prepare our garden beds, we’re using a broadfork to loosen up the soil, then garden rakes to smooth out the surface of the soil. After sticking the plants in the ground, we water them in with diluted fish hydrolysate to reduce their shock from moving from a protected little tray out into the big, scary world.  The next step has been to cover them with row […]