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Cut Flower field tour
Buying local, ecologically-grown food is a no-brainer. There are so many benefits, both for families as well as for our local community, economy, and ecology. Voting with our dollars and choosing food grown by a farmer we know and whose values and practices we respect is one of the biggest social, ecological, and economic changes we can make to boost our (largely-rural) Atlantic provinces. I know firsthand, I’m a first-generation farmer who could never have dreamed of settling and making my livelihood here in Atlantic Canada without the support of eaters. Eaters who choose to eat the fresh, local organic […]

Why Local Cut Flowers?

Find a vase (or Mason jar or any suitable vessel) for your flower bouquet. Make sure the vase is clean and fill it with cold water. Remove your bouquet’s packaging but leave the rubber band holding the bouquet together for now. Cut a few centimetres off the stems at an angle, depending on the heights of your bouquet and vase. Place the flowers in the vase and cut or remove the rubber band to allow the flowers to fall freely. Put your vase in a cool spot away from direct heat or sunlight. Flowers like to drink, so keep an […]

How to Help your Fresh Flowers Last Longer