Locally-made Market Banner

We have a market banner!!!

We asked Danette, the woman behind the Sea Dog Bag Company, if she would make our banner because we wanted to support a small local business, she creates beautiful things with reclaimed materials, and she’s awesome and passionate and we really like her. A lot. She’s also a vendor at both farmers’ markets we go to so it made it really easy.

She looked at our market stand tablecloth, our website, and our new logo (thanks to our friend Farmer Bob!) for inspiration.

She said she had a really cool piece of old tent canvas that was a great mustardy-y colour and “knarly.” She said she really likes knarly things and asked if we did too. We definitely do!

I don’t think we can be more enthusiastic about how much we love the banner, how much we love Danette’s detail-orientation and passion, and how much we love her and and all of her creations! Thanks so much for putting so much care and intention and time into our banner!!!

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