Broadfork Farm Cats

Our farm cats take their jobs very seriously: rodent patrol and cuddles.

The matriarch of our gang, Yuki keeps the guys in line. She systematically roves the farm seeking rodents that she knows were just about to eat a bunch of seeds or young seedlings we just planted. I estimate she’s saved thousands of dollars worth of greenhouse seedlings and young plants in the field with her diligence. She’s pretty shy around new people….which makes her cuddles with us seem even sweeter.

This ball of love named Kubota will never run away from a good cuddle. He’s the most laid-back of our cats, perhaps of any cat that ever existed. He’s also a big guy. Yuki’s his mom and when he was born with big feet, we knew he’d become a big cat. And while he’s talented at rodent pest control, he sometimes becomes a pest himself when he comes asking for cuddles while we’re trying to get work done.

The youngest of our crew, Kevin is also the nuttiest. His favourite activities are all things we taught the other cats not to do. He climbs the greenhouses and sleeps on the table. He also torments the other cats every chance he gets. He’s a small cat with a big personality. He jumps like a flying squirrel and meows like someone just stepped on his foot.

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